A Little About Me

Welcome to Justin Joy Painting.

I have been painting pictures and walls, drawing, sculpting and designing since my earliest childhood. I love creating. Whether it’s walls, furniture or art , if it’s something beautiful to be created then it’s something I want to do.  Helping clients find colors and designs that they love is one of my passions.

All through life I  found ways to improve my surroundings. Painting  walls is a wonderful way to improve the feel of your home.  Walls can be glazed, brushed, washed with color on color and many different applications. Trim can look amazing when glazed or faux finished too. I specialize in faux finishes and in creating one of a kind finishes. Also,If you have a mural that was damaged or needs to be brightened up, that is definitely something I can do; you do not need to get rid of a cherished piece of art. I once worked on a home where the hand painted murals were damaged by the window installers and the original artist was no longer available. I was able to repaint the damaged sections along with the background glazing, plus add some new artwork that matched the original in an area that had never been done.

I like to think of homes as extensions of the personalities of the people who live in them. There really are no right or wrong ways to decorate, as long as it’s right for you. There are examples of almost every kind of design that I  love, but what I would choose may be different than what you would choose; my goal is to create a look for you that you love- a finish that makes you feel at home.

After years of living in my home, I still feel wonderful coming down the stairs every day, looking over the bannister at the coral walls of my living room with  the tertiary color of orange glazed trim; it breaks the “rules”, and I  love it.

There are so many amazing finishes that can transform a place in addition to color. Ancient faux book leather, or modern clean lines with walls in a metallic hand troweled plaster each look stunning. Even a few thoughtfully placed watermark style designs on a plain wall or a bathroom cabinet can be the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. How about a custom designed stencil, or metallic paint stamped on a border using leaves from your favorite tree?

I was in advanced art classes, and studio art for just a few students selected all the way through High School, and I attended fine arts classes in St. Paul during the summers- my art teacher sent some of my work to a competition, and afterwards apologized for doing it without asking me, then told me I won! What an amazing teacher!  I will always remember her and the kindhearted artists who shared their time and talent with me.  I am reminded that we all  need someone to believe in us , and I thank God for the people who were there for me when I needed them most.

I studied Facilities Management Administration at St. Thomas and Supervisors’ training for 4 years at the Supervisors’ Institute in Golden Valley.  I did this type of work for a world headquarters of a company with 7 buildings downtown Minneapolis for about 10 years. My team went from the shortest average tenure before I took over, to the longest average tenure since the company was founded, in 1945. I love people, and I loved my team; we were seen as the division that genuinely cared about each other.  I also studied vocal performance at MacPhail Center for the Arts and have performed solo and with various groups around the US.

I have designed a large number of exterior color plans and I can help you avoid the trouble of trying multiple paint samples. If you are looking for an update on your exterior, we can find a basic plan that you love on the computer with your actual home photograph, then get samples in various shades of those colors so that the color matches what you are seeing on your screen (( they never do if you just go with a color you like on the image, because all screens read color samples slightly differently, and paint stores cannot color correct our screens to their samples)).

On my own current home I tried so many different combinations on the computer, including shingle colors, before I realized that the basic plan I was going for wasn’t  what I loved- I was just trying to fit in to the resale market with the lowest common denominator. So I started over with colors that I love, and stopped trying to fit into the norm. Now I never want to change it.

You might be in a neighborhood with restrictive covenants that limit the exterior color choices, but you can still use variations, and accents that make it your own, like a tan with a cool gray base and lighter tan trim that has a warm base; I have seen neighborhoods with all similarly colored homes in shades of gray with one house that has beautiful trim, and coordinated shutters and window boxes; it fit perfectly with the neighborhood, but stood out as looking the best….same style as the others, same amount of paint, but beautiful.

If it’s a few ceilings you want painted, all your walls, or just a room, I can give you an estimate on your project and work with you to make your place just right for you.

I do brushed and sprayed kitchens. Brushwork is with a waterborne oil enamel that is nontoxic and can be painted even in the winter when the house is closed. For spraying we set up a spray booth in your heated garage, or bring the cabinet and drawer fronts to our heated space if you don’t have one.

Painting and decorative finishes can make your home a reflection of you. The right colors can nourish your soul.  Plus, having a good basic design idea before buying color samples can make it smoother . Do what you love, and consider the whole, how you will feel living in the whole space; no designer can dictate that for you. You are the expert at knowing what makes you feel amazing. I would love to help you find that.