I build Christmas trees using real tree trunks as the base, keeping the top roots intact. No two trees are alike, and they look like live trees growing in a planter.  I add imitation branches to the trunk, so they can be dismantled and easily stored. Many of the decorations are hand made and painted. Many hours go into the production, and they are  the most expensive trees on the market, sure to be an heirloom.
I made this angel from my daughter’s old doll and scraps of fabric, flowers and jewels attached with a high temp hot glue gun; it’s a different type of sculpting, where you melt the tips of your fingers off several times and swear a LOT in Wookie, so you don’t frighten the children….no tree should be without one ( a custom angel, not a Wookie, but if you really want that I can make it for you 🙂



blue angel 1
I cold glaze sculptures and art with multiple layers of metallic pigments, crackle finish and color shifting or pearl based pigments in layers of acrylic and epoxy resin. Interesting finishes in many different styles can be made to look and feel like baked glaze.
blue angel 2
Believe it or not, this is a garden gnome- or was… one of the particularly creepy ones- that I ran over accidentally, and then backed up and ran over again several times just to be sure. When I got back this little guy was sitting where the shattered remains of the wicked gnome had been. Ok, so none if that is true, but you know how garden gnomes always have those little stories that go with them, well, this is the story that goes with my garden cherub, watching over my friend’s fish pond.
105_1445 - Copy
I love these. My friend is an amazing artist and has so much imagination and talent and she looked at these huge white ceramic rhino heads, repaired the broken parts and asked me if I could make them look like a small, priceless horse sculpture that was covered in ancient cracked Bitosi Bimini blue glaze- the formula which he took with him to the grave. Let’s just say I can’t even afford to THINK about those sculptures. My hands started trembling when she handed it to me; how do you replace a priceless one-of-a-kind artifact? Well, thankfully, she turned it over and showed me the Home Goods price tag, after talking me down from the ledge and laughing hysterically of course. I do wonder if that formula is literally in his grave though, or if they meant he just kept it in his head. I tried every combination of hues to get that blue, and even translucent layers….I just didn’t have any extinct shellfish available; hermit crabs are the wrong color. Aaanyway, the story of these incredible rhinos, is that they were at one time never in Windsor castle, overlooking the formal entrance to the northeast second breakfast’s room of King Louie; I just love stories like that.