Decorative Painting, Walls and Ceiling Repair

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    walls glazed in a cloud pattern
    walls glazed in antique leather look, white valances painted to resemble the wood frames of the windows

    crackled frames, glazed, crackled raised panels.

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    2015 ASID Show House. I used multiple treatments to make the railings and stairs look like aged driftwood.
    2015 ASID Show House. I used multiple processes to change the white oak doors to an aged gray patina.

    2015 ASID Show House. It’s difficult to see, but the ceiling here was oak, and I used several steps to bring it to a light driftwood color. I used Rubio Monocoat as the finish.

    2015 ASID Show House. Multiple steps on the wood ceilings and walls, to give them an aged driftwood look. The finish coating on all the wood is Rubio Monocoat.
    2015 ASID Show House. Another view of the grand staircase. Often there is damage to finishes during the construction process; I colored many areas in the antique wood columns to look like the surface patina, where light wood underneath had been exposed.

    This is my favorite paint of all for trim and cabinetry. It’s Advance, by Benjamin Moore. It’s a waterborne oil enamel that is, in my opinion, far more beautiful than any other oil paint. This is a safe, extremely low VOC paint that I apply with a brush. I have done trim and cabinets with this paint, and because it is safe, it can be used indoors in the winter- you can have your kitchen painted in January!. I am sensitive to paint smells, and this paint I have used for 12 hours straight, multiple days without the slightest effect- not even watery eyes. And it washes up with plain water. I left a half inch of this paint in a container, and it dried perfectly smooth and hard and never yellowed or cracked or lost any sheen like oil enamel would have in the same situation. In this picture I tried to capture the way the light refracts off the surface- it resembles the inside of a clam shell in the sunlight, showing all the colors of the spectrum; it’s really amazing paint.
    polka dots 2
    Custom made stencil, metallic polka dots

    polka dots 4

    After: I added gel stain to match the lighter area of the board with the darker area.
    Before: sometimes stain does not soak into built up pieces of wood the same.
    middle window frame was darker, so wood grain pattern was darkened to match the frame
    the right window frame had the lightest stain, so I matched the white valance by giving it a lighter finish. Custom finishing is the only way to match the subtle variances in wood finishes.
    Here is the first window again, showing more of the wall.
    Another side of the walls glazed to resemble leather
    brushed sued walls
    Suede finished walls are beautiful and very durable. I used a similar but slightly darker colored flat paint on the ceiling to create a soft, comforting feeling.
    I created my own apple green from metallic gold and brushed it on to resemble antique gold leaf squares. I had planned a second coat, to make it more subtle, but the client loved the look. A second coat would have more resembled the pattern in galvanized steel.
    Another view. I used salmon colored walls for contrast, and painted the white medallion a metallic gold to match the chandelier, then colored the roses and leaf patterns in soft metallic.
    pencil yellow flat ragged off 3 shades lighter yellow base
    This is a darker on lighter flat paint, ragged off to show very subtle highlights.

    unnamed[1] (2)
    Antique leather pattern in browns.
    Closer view.
    One wall completed in antique leather pattern.

    before ceiling 2
    This ceiling had water stains from a severe wind-driven rain storm. Rather than retexture the entire ceiling, I spray painted the stains with stain block, then custom mixed a color to match the older finish.
    the same spot after repair
    Cloud glazed walls in an absolutely stunning mansion.
    A wider view of the stairs.

    A large wall showing the antique leather finish in a deep red wine color.