Regular wall painting is bid according to the size of the room and the number of obstacles in the room. Taller walls, larger rooms and multiple sections will generally cost more than simple walls without cabinets or multiple windows. The more cutting in or masking that needs to be done, the longer it will take.

Kitchens can be either brushed or sprayed. If the frames are being sprayed it will cost less to have the walls painted afterwards, since masking off all of the walls from the frames requires a considerable amount of time and, often, the wall paint near the frames/ boxes may not have been properly applied previously and will lift off when the masking is removed; that will require additional filling, sanding and repainting.

A full kitchen spray can range from a few thousand for a smaller kitchen to close to twenty thousand for a very large kitchen with multiple work areas and numerous cabinets and glass doors. If you want a heavy oak grain to be filled and sanded for a smoother look, that will add to the cost. Each kitchen is unique, but most can be completed within a week, unless it is very large and ornate.


Decorative wall finishes start at $3 per square foot to more than $10 per square foot, depending on the finish chosen. A multi process faux antique leather with crackle and glazed overcoat like the examples pictured would be about $10 a square foot.  A two tone flat ragged off finish, like the yellow walls pictured in this site, would be about $4 a square foot.

Some clients prefer a complete bid up front. Others prefer to hire me hourly when there are multiple projects and many smaller details that are impossible to estimate.

Also, if you are someone who loves trying lots of different options, or who likes to see a room finished before changing the color, then hourly will be a better option. I can duplicate nearly any finish imagined and you might want to try some variations.  I strive to provide the best service, with complete honesty and integrity. Many clients have entrusted me with their homes and I keep all client information in the absolute strictest confidence; nothing about my clients’ homes, lives, or information is ever shared. I will always ask permission before publishing any project photos. I have many projects that are not pictured, and if you have a special finish you would like it might be something I have already done.

I am available to work in other states. If doing so, round trip airfare and accommodations will be figured into the estimate.