This was a beautiful vanity, but the details were difficult to see without bright light, due to the lighter glaze in the recesses and the darkness over the carvings.
After, with dark glaze in recesses and dark over the carvings with light gray dry brushed over high points on the medallions in front and on the sides and legs.

These amazing doors are not stained. I mixed iron acetate, which quickly ages wood depending on the color and amount of natural tannins present and on how evenly you paint the mixture on. In person, as you look closely at each section, you can see so many different colors in each line of grain. In one board I counted 15 distinct colors. Unfortunately it doesn’t show in the pictures. This is a gorgeous finish that you could never achieve with a two dimensional stain.



golden oak kick plates and side boards grained with a custom tinted polyurethane to blend with the new stair treads.
Gray metal door painted a natural wood color, then tinted polyurethane and grained to match new wood trim.
Door color before wood graining.